Labor campaign for single payer

Taking the Labor Movement to the forefront in the fight for single payer healthcare, because it's time to take healthcare off the bargaining table

Union support

Krystal Ball, Co-host of Rising on Hill TV
Ada Briceño, CO-President, UNITE HERE Local 11
Cherrene Horazuk, President, AFSCME 3800 - UMN Clerical Workers
Cynthia Phinney, President, Maine AFL-CIO

Medicare for All and the Future of Labor

With the Biden Administration safely installed, the U.S. labor movement is entering into a period of debate about its own precarious future. The fight for Medicare for All will play a central role in that debate both because our unsustainable employment-based health insurance system is a major driver of wage stagnation and working class insecurity and because advocacy for Medicare for All is a major marker for those who maintain that a revitalized labor movement must speak on behalf of the entire working class. These debates are likely to come to a head in the coming year as the AFL-CIO prepares for its quadrennial convention, the Teamsters Union faces a crucial national election and many unions face major challenges at the bargaining table. Krystal Ball moderates a discussion among three veteran grassroots labor leaders about the factors driving the crisis of the labor movement and the role of Medicare for All in its renewal.

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