Code of Conduct

The Labor Campaign for Single Payer recently created two policies that are binding for our staff, leaders and activists.

The anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy protects officers and staff from discrimination based on certain personal characteristics, such as race, ethnicity, sex, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, among others. It also protects officers and staff from harassment, including sexual harassment.

The code of conduct provides similar protection to any non-officer or staff member who attends one of our events: an activity, event or meeting convened by LCSP.

Additionally, it protects anyone, including officers and staff, from other behavior that is not covered by the anti-discrimination and anti-harassment policy.

You do not have to be a staff person to be protected by the code of conduct. Unacceptable behavior under the code of conduct includes such things as bullying and stalking, uninvited sexual attention or contact, physical assault (including uninvited touching or groping), and real or implied threat of physical harm.

Everyone involved in our organization should strive to help us create a positive environment free from harassment and discrimination of any kind. You—our staff and leaders—are protected by these policies, and you also are required to comply with them.

Implementing these policies means making them part of an ongoing conversation about how we conduct the business of our movement. It means creating a dialogue about valuing everyone’s leadership and how our culture can enable staff, leaders, activists and members to make their best contributions. It means regularly reinforcing the values these policies enshrine.

View the LCSP Anti-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment and Complaint Procedure

View the LCSP Code of Conduct