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Register for National Strategy Conference

The Labor Campaign for Single Payer and Healthcare Now will host a joint National Strategy Conference October 18-20 in Portland, Oregon. Registration is now open for this important event and all unions active in the fight to win Medicare for All are invited to send a delegation.

Register Here for the National Single-Payer Strategy Conference October 18-20.

This conference could not come at a more critical moment in the decades-long crusade to make healthcare a right for everyone in America. Majorities of the American people now support Medicare for All and 19 unions representing nearly 10 million members have stepped up to endorse HR 1384 The Medicare for All Act which received its first House hearing on April 30. Five Democratic presidential candidates are cosponsors of the Senate Medicare for All Bill–S 1129 and a number of states are poised to enact single-payer style legislation.

The October Strategy Conference will focus on making Medicare for All the central issue in the 2020 election cycle and meeting the challenges in the post-election period. Holding the conference in Portland will allow us to learn from the experiences of the strong, union-supported healthcare justice movements in the Pacific Northwest. A full conference agenda is in formation and will include nationally recognized political and labor leaders, plenary discussions and a full range of workshops. If you have suggestions for workshops, please write us at: .

The conference will commence at 7 pm on Friday, October 18 at the Eliot Center in downtown Portland. Saturday’s meeting will also be at the Eliot Center. On Sunday, October 20, we will meet at the Benson Hotel and adjourn no later than 12 noon. A limited number of hotel rooms are available at the Benson Hotel (a ten minute walk from the Eliot Center) at $175 per night. You can reserve your rooms online here or by calling 888-523-6766 and referencing “Single Payer Conference.”

The Debs Jones Douglass Institute will be sponsoring an optional training initiative, Runaway Inequality and American Healthcare, on Friday, October 18 from 10 AM to 4 pm at the Eliot Center (lunch will be provided). This will introduce a worker-centered curriculum that unions and social movement organizations can use to build a cadre of healthcare justice champions within their organization. Enrollment is limited. Please check the appropriate box on the registration page if you plan to attend. For more information, contact Katherine Isaac at: .

Local organizers are also planning an action in support of Medicare for All from 4 to 6 pm on Friday , October 18 for anyone arriving early to the conference.

Early registration is $90 and runs through August 30. Beginning September 1, registration will be $100.  Registration is capped at 500 attendees so don’t wait, register today.

Our movement has made extraordinary advances in the past year. If you want to help plan to meet the challenges of 2020 and beyond, this conference is for you!


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