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New LCSP Briefing Paper: Multi-Employer Plans, Taft-Hartley Funds & Single Payer Healthcare

Unions often participate in multi-employer plans and Taft-Hartley health and welfare funds to provide healthcare coverage for their members.  These plans often provide some of the best healthcare available to working class Americans, especially for workers in temporary jobs and jobs with irregular hours, multiple employers and/or low wages. This briefing paper shows how a single payer Medicare for All plan could benefit workers covered by such plans and help preserve and transform these plans to enhance their “union advantage.” Some of the questions the paper addresses are:

  •      What are multiemployer plans and how are they different from other            benefit plans?
  •      What stresses are they under and how will the probable repeal of the          ACA affect them?
  •      What would be the role of multiemployer plans under a single payer            Medicare for All health program?
  •      Ten things that should be addressed when considering state                        single payer legislation.

Download your copy here.

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