Labor Campaign For Single Payer
Fighting for Health Care for All in the Age of Trump

List My Union as a Supporter

The Labor Campaign for Single Payer believes that we will win healthcare for all when the labor movement commits all of its resources and organizing capacity to the fight for healthcare justice. Our job is to build the grassroots movement within labor that will make this happen.

We need your help to get your union, Central Labor Council and other labor-based organizations to join this effort. Here are some things you can do:

  • Sign up your fellow union members as individual supporters and contributors. Download a membership form here.
  • Invite a speaker to your union meeting or other event. We also have brochures and other promotional materials available for use by union groups. Contact us at well in advance of any planned activity.
  • Ask your organization to pass a formal resolution in support of the Labor Campaign for Single Payer. Download a sample resolution PDF or visit this link. Ask the appropriate union official to forward the completed resolution to us at or mail to: Labor Campaign for Single Payer, 2929 S. Jefferson Ave., St. Louis, MO 63118.
  • Ask your organization to financially support the Labor Campaign for Single Payer. Financial contribution guidelines are available here.
  • Working with your union, contact every other labor organization in your community about supporting our fight. Then talk to us about setting up a Labor Advocacy Committee in your community.

For further information, contact us at