Labor Campaign For Single Payer
Fighting for Health Care for All in the Age of Trump

Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare Launched

Our country is at a critical crossroads: we cannot afford to go further down the road of poor access paid for by high and rising costs, and we won’t stand by while Medicare is voucherized, Medicaid is block-granted, the Veterans Administration privatized, and public support for workers’ and low-income peoples’ healthcare is cut. Instead, we will fight back and win a moral and economically sustainable healthcare plan.

To advance these principles, the Labor Campaign for Single Payer has joined forces with labor, healthcare advocacy and social justice organizations to launch the Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare.

Through nationally coordinated actions, public education, and lobbying, the Campaign for Guaranteed Healthcare will organize for the healthcare system Americans deserve and can have: improved Medicare for All that costs less and covers everyone. Join us!


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