Join us at the largest-ever national conference of single-payer advocates, including hundreds of union activists and leaders!

Labor Campaign For Single Payer
Fighting for Health Care for All in the Age of Trump


Major unions support Single Payer:

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Labor’s Stake in Medicare for All

There are still those in the labor movement who believe that unionists should oppose single-payer Medicare for All because good union-negotiated benefits strengthen member loyalty and help to organize new members. This misunderstanding persists because the provision of healthcare is deeply embedded in the employment relationship. More than 150 million people in the United States […]

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AFL-CIO: We Support Medicare for All!

Stating that , “We have a real opportunity to achieve the labor movement’s historic demand for health care as a basic human right,” delegates at the AFL-CIO Convention today approved a resolution promising that America’s largest labor federation will play a leading role in the fight for Medicare for All. This resolution, said USW President Leo Gerard […]

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Time to Call the Question: The AFL-CIO Should Endorse the Medicare For All Bill

On September 13, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced S 1804–The Medicare for All Act of 2017 into the U.S. Senate. Sixteen U.S. Senators signed on as cosponsors. More than a dozen national unions endorsed the Bill. The fight against Trumpcare and the Republican attacks on public health programs has produced a sea change in popular opinion.  A majority of […]

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