Labor Campaign For Single Payer
Fighting for Health Care for All in the Age of Trump


Major unions support Single Payer:

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AFL-CIO: We Support Medicare for All!

Stating that , “We have a real opportunity to achieve the labor movement’s historic demand for health care as a basic human right,” delegates at the AFL-CIO Convention today approved a resolution promising that America’s largest labor federation will play a leading role in the fight for Medicare for All. This resolution, said USW President Leo Gerard […]

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Time to Call the Question: The AFL-CIO Should Endorse the Medicare For All Bill

On September 13, Senator Bernie Sanders introduced S 1804–The Medicare for All Act of 2017 into the U.S. Senate. Sixteen U.S. Senators signed on as cosponsors. More than a dozen national unions endorsed the Bill. The fight against Trumpcare and the Republican attacks on public health programs has produced a sea change in popular opinion.  A majority of […]

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