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Labor Campaign For Single Payer
Fighting for Health Care for All in the Age of Trump


Major unions support Single Payer:

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A Conversation with Labor Campaign for Single Payer Mark Dudzic

A Conversation with Labor Campaign for Single Payer Mark Dudzic

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What the New Year Will Bring

When the history of healthcare justice in the United States is written, 2020 will be seen as a pivotal year. Let’s take a moment to consider how far we’ve come: Moving Congress. Ever since the 1970’s, single-payer bills have languished in the U.S. Congress, usually completely ignored by the Democratic leadership. In May of 2009, Senator Max […]

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Now Is the Time to Win Medicare for All!

“Now is the time to win Medicare for All!” So said Minnesota Nurses Association Executive Director Rose Roach in her opening keynote on behalf of National Nurses United at last month’s National Single Payer Strategy Conference. Roach went on to explain why Medicare for All “is deeply personal for nurses” and warned attendees not to be co-opted […]

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Learn About Single Payer

Keynote Speeches from Our October 2019 National Strategy Conference in Portland, Oregon.