Labor Campaign For Single Payer
Fighting for Health Care for All in the Age of Trump


Major unions support Single Payer:
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Kill the Bill IV

Like a bad Hollywood action flick, the Republican “repeal and replace” juggernaut just won’t go away. And every sequel is worse than the last. Three times over the past summer the Senate narrowly rejected plans that would have taken away 20 to 30 million Americans’ access to healthcare in order to finance tax cuts for […]

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Single-payer health care – its time has come: Mark Dimondstein (Opinion)

Published in September 20th 9:17 AM EST WASHINGTON, D.C. — Congress is back from its summer recess and the problems with our nation’s health care system haven’t gone away. How to fix health care is once again being hotly debated. Recently, President Donald Trump warned Republican senators that they must do something or be confronted with […]

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